Terms and conditions

Sport Academy Programs/ Camps Terms and Conditions

Parents/guardians must make sure that children wear comfortable athletic clothing and shoes.

Parents/guardians must pick up their child no later than 5 minutes after the session finishing time. Late Pick-Up fee may apply after this 5 min. delay.

If a participant disrupts the program, or poses a safety risk to himself/herself or others, he/she will receive a verbal notice. If after two verbal notices the participant still disrupts the program then program supervisors reserve the right to dismiss the child from the program without reimbursement. Any participant who destroy or damage the equipment will be immediately expelled from the program and assessed the full cost of repairs or replacement.


The risk of injury exists in every athletic activity. Falls, collisions and other incidents may occur and cause injury. Some injuries can lead to paralysis or prove to be life-threatening. These injuries result from the nature of the activity and can occur without fault on either the part of the student, or the Académie du Sport Academy or its employees or agents or the facility where the activity is taking place.

By choosing to participate in one of these programs, you are assuming the risk of an injury occurring. The chances of an injury occurring can be reduced by carefully following instructions at all times while engaged in the activity. The Académie du Sport Academy attempts to manage, as effectively as possible, the foreseeable risks inherent in physical activity.

The Académie du Sport Academy does not provide any accidental death, disability, dismemberment / medical / dental expenses insurance on behalf of the children participating in the activity. For coverage of injuries, you are encouraged to consider the purchase of an Accident Insurance Plan.

I/We have read and understand the informed consent agreement;

I/We hereby acknowledge and accept the risk inherent in the requested activity and assume responsibility for my son/daughter for personal health, medical, dental and accident insurance coverage;

I/We request my son/daughter/ward to participate in the programs offered by Académie du Sport Academy;

I/We agree that Académie du Sport Academy or its employees, servants or agents shall not be liable for any injury to my son/daughter/ward or loss or damage to personal property arising from, or in any way resulting from participation in the Académie du Sport Academy camps or sport programs.